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The pioneers of the Sundanese Script

The Sundanese script is an intellectual heritage of Sundanese people. With the Sundanese script, Sundanese inventions, works, and intentions in the past can be recorded and arrived at us today. 21 years ago, precisely in 1997, the pioneers included Mr. Atja, Mr. Saleh Danasasmita, Mr. Ayat Rochaedi, Prof. Edi S. Ekadjati, Dr. Undang A. Darsa, and other figures have 'awakened' again the Sundanese script that was last used in the seventeenth century. By hard work of the pioneers, the Sundanese script is sustainable again. Entering computer age, Sundanese script continued to show its existence. The creativity of the Sundanese nonomans (Unicode Team) brings up the Sundanese script font in 2008. So Sundanese characters can be used on computers. This time, we only continued the predecessors with the intention of simplifying and reducing the misuse of the Sundanese Script font on the computer, we presented the Sundanese script (Sunda v Unpad) with the new method. With jargon "typing Sundanese characters is as easy as typing Latin". Of course our work is far from perfect, therefore suggestions and cooperation from all parties are highly anticipated.

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We are team from Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung (3 lecturer and 1 graduated student). We create this web application to help our research about sundanese font.

Rahmat Sopian, M.Hum

Aditya Pradana, M.Eng

Mamat Ruhimat, M.Hum

Riki Nawawi, S.Hum

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